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H645 Destructive vinyl sticker, white, no print, 10 x 3 cm

A white rectangular vinyl security sticker or seal, 10 x 3 cm.
Vinyl stickers may be used as security element to be completed with your logo, a serial number or warning or warranty information text. When applied, the sticker looks like a regular white sticker but whenever tampered with, it breaks and cracks and cannot be removed without damage / breaking. These stickers are ideal for any equipment under warranty (covers, screws) or to seal goods, packages or envelopes with documents. ... More
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Product description

Strong glue guarantees high adhesion that facilitates the destruction of the seal even if slightly tampered with; the vinyl material that is quite flexible itself – it would not break if bent (this does not apply for sharp edges) but has low resistance to tension and shear – would break quicker than a thin paper sheet so any attempt to peel off or move the sticker is impossible.
This pays off especially when using stickers with serial numbers, licences, when sealing boxes - chassis (non-moving parts only), covering screw openings etc. The sticker’s size of 10 x 30 is ideal for printing – be it a serial number, graphic design or a warning notification. You can also write on the sticker with a regular pen that does not rub off. You can sign off the sticker and apply it.

These stickers are not to be used outdoors; humidity and UV exposure (sun) degrade the sticker’s qualities.

Stickers are delivered in a roll in one column on a 16mm-wide liner; printing is possible in thermal transfer printers such as Zebra or Postek

If requested, it is possible to print your graphic design, text or numbering on the vinyl seals (single colour). The cost of printing is not included in the price and will be calculated separately based on the complexity, size and printing batch.

The price is set per 1 seal. 
Shape Rectangle
Security base layer Vinyl
Price 1 label
Custom printing Yes
Weight 0.0008 kg



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