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Terms and Conditions

I. Introductory assessments
These marketing conditions only apply to a purchase and an ordered production in this online shop This online shop and orders receiving are carried out by hologram-production (look at Contacts), the conditions closely border and clarify the rights and the duties of a seller – a constructer ( an operator ) and a buyer (a costumer). Prices are valid when buying online from this website.


II. Validity determination
Below mentioned assessments are correspondent with a United Kingdom system of law and they are valid only for the final consumer. If you put the company name into a box asking for further information when filling in your order, relations will obey the marketing code of law.


III. When and how will i get the products?
    a. When ordering the products made in advance (Made in advance section)

      An order is valid and registered by us after confirming this order by an email. Most of our goods are available from our starage and so we deliver it gradually. If the goods you want are not in our storage at that moment, its expedition is postponed by a delivery date and that is , most commonly, from 3 to 5 days. If we are not able to ensure the order in an adequate date, we will contact you. By one or two days from expedition the parcel will arrive to an address you have chosen.

    b. When ordering a custom-made goods production (Your design section)

      Ordering a custom-made production establish a Contract about a product. By this document a constructer obliges himself to create a product according to the pattern specified by the one who ordered it and that person, on the other hand, obliges to pay the price for its construction. The constructer is bound to create the product in his own expenses and his own danger in an agreed time. The customer is bound to pay the price agreed on in the contract or designated the way it is given in the contract. If the price was based on a budget that is considered not binding according to the contract, the constructer can demand increasing of price by an amount of money going beyond the costs purposely exerted by the constructor – the costs included in the budget . An undividable part of these marketing conditions is an assessment dealing with the process of custom-made production orders: Your design that describes the steps leading to a contract about a product production.


IV.    Transport - from Czech republic
We use GLS for the transport. Goods are collect by delivery. The price of mailing and wrapping from Czech to United Kingdom is £14.5


V.    An order and closing a buying contract

1. All orders passed through the internet shop are obligatory. By making an order a customer confirms that he has familiarized himself with these marketing conditions and agrees with them.
2. An order is a predesign of a buying contract. This contract is created in the moment of taking the products over by the customer.
3. The place of products delivery is an address given by the customer as a delivery address.
4. Property rights to the products proceed onto the customer after paying off the buying price and taking over.
5. Mailing the obligatory order through eshop, the customer gives a permission to collect and archive his personal information and information about his buying.
6. The prices given in the price list are final and only for the products made in advance (the ones we have in our storage). A seller reserves the right to refuse dealing with the order if the ordering information is not fully given or create some kind of uncertainty towards the intention of the customer’s order. Customer will be contacted about refusing through his email address.

VI.    Resignation from the buying contract (goods refunding)
A customer has a right to resignate from the contract up to 14 days from the goods takeover. If he decides to do so, the undamaged product without any signs of usage or detrition has to be sent back in a given date (time of mailing is terminative). After delivering the refunded goods, a seller sends the corresponding amount of money, reduced by an adequate amount connected to the logistic expenses of the order that has been made in advance, back to the customer by a return. The customer cannot resignate from the contract for goods delivery according to the wishes of a consumer and also the goods liable to a quick destruction, detrition or obsolescence. This assessment is valid for the goods bought through eshop and sent by a GLS company. It is not possible to resignate from a properly made contract about the product and it is also not possible to refund the custom-made products and ask for sending back the money used for its production.

Do not in any case send us any products collect on delivery. Products sent back like this will not be accepted and you just make the time of dealing with it longer.


VII.    Final assessments

1. These marketing conditions are valid in a wording given at websites of the seller in a day of the customer’s order.
2. Sending the order means accepting all buying conditions assessments in a wording valid in the day which the order was sent with no restrictions. It also means accepting the valid price of the day the order was sent including the mailing and wrapping price given in the catalogue of eshop if not demonstrable agreed on something else. A customer cannot resignate the order, he is bound to it.
3. Purchasers who are not the final consumers have expressly made a deal with the seller.