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When creating a price we try to make the most lucrative deal at the market – the least loaded by directional costs. An offering of sending samples for free resulted in extreme and excessive number of requests for dispatching of many parcels and the costs of them had to be calculated as lump sum for individual parcels. We put the price on individual samples because our job is not producing and sending of self-adhesive labels for free but primarily custom-made production of holographic labels according to your concrete requests and graphical predesigns. We also believe that a serious buyer of these commodities has no problem to invest a completely neglectable price in a sample in respect of the final price of order. If you have no experiences with application of self-adhesive holographic materials, we recommend you ordering the samples and trying them directly in your application. Please mind the surfaces on which the label will be sticked on (look at about stickiness and adherence of holohraphic materials).

A surface which is a carrier of holographic motives is made of aluminic film and acts like a mirror. Its colour cannot be defined, colours that you see at holographic materials are made by microscopical deformation of a specular layer according to graphical motives which are carried by the self-adhesive label. Colour that you see is defined by an angle of lightning of the hologram’s surface, let us say angle of observation. When rolling the hologram all colours of a rainbow are shown in its impression. Because of physical characteristics of holographic image, we are not capable to meet wishes such as „i would like to have this sign on a label in blue“. When looking from a right angle or a right placement of lightning this sign will be blue, in other cases it will be of a different spectral colour or it can act like a mirror.However, there is no problem in colouring the self-adhesive label using coloured translucent film instead of pure one, used in classic holograms. More information about this option in article colors and materials.

asal layer of holographic self-adhesive labelcontains a thin layer of glue that secures perfect joining of aluminic layer of a hologram with the surface to which it is applied. Top layer of label is made of plastic (mostly PVC) film. Adherence of aluminic and plastic layer is lower than adherence of aluminic layer and surface, to which this layer is glued. As a result of that, when unsticking the hologram, the film is removed and aluminic layer torn up. This destruction is highly requested as holograms are security items. More information about this is written in this article self-adhesive basal layer, you can find illustrative photographs in there.

Photographs of holograms in section Referencies show concrete realized orders for shown subjects. These self-adhesive labels will never be given to anyone else apart from the customer - an author of copyright and customer rights to eventual usage of these patterns. Every label made in our company obviously subjects to this kind of security and will not be produced or delivered to anybody else but that particular customer. The same regime will apply to your eventual orders. We are bonded by declared security and inability to misuse security items produced only for you, just as we are bonded by legal rules concerning authorship and industrial belongings. We are also inable to gratify requests for sending samples from section „Hologram sample“. Photographs of self-adhesive labels are only used for illustration of holographic effects and as an inspiration for your own designs.
Before actual production of holograms a production of impression die- holographic master – takes place. Master can be created by multiple technologies depending on the number of layers. Price of master production represents the main part of the whole order price. Even for one label which would be requested by use to see , the master would have to be prepared. Another relatively large part of the overall price represents adjusting of the machines. That is mostly construction of a stamping die that will cut the label of requested shapes and parameters from the printed sheets. All these processes have to be done before printing of one label just as before printing of 100 000 labels. Technological processes therefore do not allow us posting a sample of a finished holographic self-adhesive paster according to your predesign before actual production.

How to stick holograms properly, how to peel them off the sheets, how to manipulate with sheets, how to store stickers, all this and more can be found in this holograms manual.pdf

Maintenance of STEEL stamp is described in the document dry impress - steel stamp - maintenance.pdf 
Maintenance of COPPER stamp is described in the document dry impress - copper stamp - maintenance.pdf