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Adesivo residuo bianco rettangolare VOID ad alta adesione 60x20mm H741 Adesivo residuo bianco rettangolare VOID ad alta adesione 60x20mm
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Adesivi marcatori 5mm Adesivi marcatori 5mm
from 0.029 € / pc.
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Calibration sticker 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029 orange 12mm H733 Calibration sticker 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029 orange 12mm
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Calibration sticker 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029 green 20mm H734 Calibration sticker 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029 green 20mm
from 0.019 € / pc.
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Where holograms are used

  •   Holographic labels as certificates of ancestry
  •   Holographic „genuine“ labels – certificates of originality
  •   Self-adhesive stickers with a type of a product and series number identification
  •   Labeling the products with a company logo in holographic form
  •   Autodestructive guarantee seals
  •   Holographic labels of controlled quality output
  •   Labels showing exclusivity – winning prizes in different competitions
  •   Holographic labels in the form of medals – e.g. for medal awarded wines
  •   Holographic self-adhesive stickers in the form of medals for the products awarded in competitions will draw attention of potentional customers and raise the market- price of the product
  •   Golden or silver medals can be paste to the products themselves and also documents connected with this product
  •   hologram as a self-adhesive uncopiable security stickers useful anywhere it can be sticked
  •   universal standard for a higher visual security of exposed commodities which are highly likely falsified, copied or misused
  •   Holographic technologies of production of security self-adhesive labels outclass the progenitors – seals on the papers, imprints,duty stamps, trademarks, etc - in every aspect
  •   preventing the cargo from unauthorized manipulation with a seal / an imprint
  •   preventing the goods vehicles, containers, doors of cargo fields of the airplanes etc from unauthorized openning
  •   seal up the locks of road tankers
  •   sealing of transport boxes in air transportantion and prevent them from unauthorized penetration
  •   holographic sealing of gasmeters, flowmeters and electrometers
  •   sealing up the moneyboxes of ATMs
Civil service
  •   holographic labelling of ID cards of all civil service officers that come to contact with the public – inspectors, police officers, social workers
  •   securing the voting urns and voting tickets – sealing with a holographic label
  •   custom production of personnel labels for the assets
  •   seals for sealing the doors and areas when there is a police investigation
  •   a proof of authenticity of allowances or statements that were publicated by the state or the self-government (a town, a village)
  •   distribution of parking tickets with unfalsifiable logo of a town or its part
  •   holographic version of a permission to enter the state institutions –the label can be big or it can even be a whole card of permission to enter for easier recognition
  •   cards and ID cards allowing the entry to to state institutions and offices
  •   Holographic labels for marking the annual or monthly validity of ID cards
  •   Holographic label of quality for custom made products gives the customer necessary assurance about the origin and quality of the product
  •   Seal of the outcome control quality is not just an information about the previously done inspection but at the same time can be a security label confirming the origin of the product
  •   Holographic form of quality seals are mostly desirable by the expensive commodities for investment purpose - gold, coins and medals
  •   Even application of the simple labels “Quality Control Passed“ can add to the exceptionality of the labeled product thanks to the customer’s graphics in the holo layer
  •   Every controlee of the outcome control can use the labels with different numbers or there might be a different number responding to the number in the protocol of the control on each seal
  •   Certificate Of Conformity – labels professing the proclamation about conformity
Entrance tickets
  •   self-adhesive hologram adds the visual authenticity, credibility and makes the controlling of any entrance ticket easier
  •   unique attention and prevention from falsifying goes to the permanent entrance tickets (season-tickets) – hologram secures the tickets and allows them to be repeatedly used for an entry
  •   using the holographic emblem on the entrance tickets, tickets or transport tickets contributes to the trustworthiness of the seller, even if the tickets are sold secondhand
  •   appropriation of using the holographic label increases with significance of the organized event, at VIP tickets its a guarantee of exclusivity
  •   protection of tickets printed on plain paper, such as ball tickets printed on a laser printer
  •   secure tickets for balls against copying
  •   self-adhesive hologram represents a unique form of „signature“ on important documents such as contracts, decretums, allowances, protocols, enrollments etc.
  •   you can choose a degree of impossibility of falsifying and criterion of costs for securing acccording to importance of the documents using the holographic self-adhesive stickers with different types of security items
  •   for securing of papers and documents you can either use direct sticking of the label or sticking the holographing label on the edges of the papers in case of a document with more pages attached to one another
  •   there is no possibility of unsticking the holographic label from the document and sticking it to another one – there is always a visible damage done to the label
ID cards
  • the cheaper way to label the ID cards with a hologram - mostly for smaller series - is to stick a non-sealable sticker on them instead of printing the holograms
  • the series number can be labeled directly in one of the holo layers of the security self-adhesive sticker, for other cards in the series it will be automatically incremented
  • prevention from falsifying the staff cards allowing to enter the buildings
  • holographic identifying and securing item can be easily applied on every card, ticket, club card, member card, meal ticket ,etc. by simple sticking
  • raising the prestige of editing certificates with a holographic logo
  • securing that the study certificates used for academic titles will not be falsified
  • certificates proving the graduation from a traning with the hologram as a decorative and safety item
  • hologram is an accessible form of preventing the gift vouchers from falsifying
  • by a self-adhesive stamp you can easily secure any voucher for a demand of anything, even if it was printed by an ordinary printer
  • preventing the vouchers from falsifying – vouchers for an accomodation, catering, covering of services etc
  • accessible and effective form of preventing the meal tickets from falsifyingk
  • gift vouchers protection against counterfeiting
  • defense against counterfeiting of tickets and vouchers hologram applications
  • labelling of calibration letters by an immutable holographic motive
  • dotting of calibrated products and measurements by an unfalsifiable holographic label
  • sealing the access to regulating and calibrating parts of appliances
  • holographic calibration seals will contain the customer’s company logo of a concrete calibration laboratory
  • licence holographic labels on data carriers
  • unique hologram for the paper licenced certificates approving autheticity
  • holographic security label on a box with software
  • „Genuine“ and „Proof of Licence“ labels for proving the authenticity of installation CD
  • labeling the documents approving the authorization for selling the products of a brand – selling licences
  • COA (Certificate Of Authenticity) - holographic licence labels
Parking tickets
  • unique holographic schema made according to your design prevents all kinds of parking tickets from falsifying and misusing
  • to parking allowances we also include an allowance to otherwise forbidden places, here we can also apply holographic technologies of a visual security
  • parking allowances can be under security items where every item would have its own identity number for maximal prevention from misuse or imitation