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H506 No Residue VOID sticker for cell phone camera lenses, round, 10 mm, black

A special round sticker (diameter of 10 mm) to be placed over a mobile phone’s camera lens in order to prevent any non-authorized photos taken within marked-off premises. The sticker complies with all requirements for quick application, reliable blocking of the lens use and trouble-free peel-off where no glue remains on the surface of the lens. The VOID layer plays a major role because it indicates any attempt to uncover the camera lens as VOID letters would appear on the peeled-off part of the sticker. The VOID stickers can also be used to cover USB connectors of cell phones, USB memory sticks and disks; when placed over the USB connector, the sticker prevents any unauthorized copying of sensitive data from your company’s PCs and laptops. ... More
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Product description

A typical example of use: a group of people in the premises where no photos may be taken, such as hi-tech operations in the car (automotive) industry, nuclear power plants, high security banknote printing houses and any other high security sites. In order to maximize security, the sticker may be printed with a company logo. Incremental numbering of stickers represents an optimum security feature. The sticker offers very similar qualities to those of other non-residual seals. This seal is optimized for cell phone surface finish (smooth and roughened plastic, anodized light alloys, etched, glass and ceramic surfaces and surfaces with oil-repellent or hardened layers...) and its functions are guaranteed for all types of mobile devices with a camera, including iPhone, Samsung, Asus and other brands.
A special manufacturing process of the VOID layer guarantees there are no residues left after the sticker is peeled off; it also ensures high adhesive capacity for all surfaces including the problematic and not entirely smooth ones. Unlike other VOID stickers, this sticker does not divide into the part that remains stuck to the base after the peel-off and the top foil part bearing the graphic design. Despite its high adhesion capacity for all types of surface, no residual glue remains on the surface after the sticker is removed. In terms of cohesion, the glue is similar to rubber which, among other features, allows placing the stickers on complicated surfaces where hologram stickers would peel off easily and the VOID layer would not show up.
When pictures are taken through this foil, the resulting photography is black (or blue/red depending on the sticker’s colour) with only intense spot lights seen as circles of lighter colour.
Almost all smartphones have two camera lenses – the front and rear one. Do not forget that when calculating the number of stickers to order as two stickers per phone are needed.

For a fee, the stickers can be provided with a print-on design (printing costs are calculated separately) in white colour as a rule. If interested in a different colour printing, please contact our sales team who will inform you about the estimated delivery date and price. Printing in other colours than white can be offered only for orders of 10,000+ stickers. 

Please, be very careful when peeling these stickers off. Special materials used in the security VOID sticker manufacturing process are sensitive to careless treatment and quick peeling from the base layer (liner) the sticker is stuck to in production. The increased sensitivity is a must to provide high-quality and reliable security feature for cell phone camera lenses or USB connectors.

  • Shape: round
  • Dimensions: 10 mm
  • Colour: black (other colours made to order)
Dimension 10mm (0.394″)
Colour Black
Financial costs very low
Shape Round
Void layer Yes
Security base layer VOID
For cell phone cameras YES
Security level low
Custom printing Yes
Weight 0.0001 kg



Production manual

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