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A luxurious wax seal gift set with a brass seal stamp designed according to your requirements and a decorative quill pen with a set of calligraphic nibs, including an ink bottle.
The quill pen has a metallic grip holding a wine-red quill. The pen comes with a cork pen holder in the shape of a heart with a flower in the middle. As a set, it provides a stylish decoration of any office table. The set includes a glass bottle of black ink (15 ml) and a total of 6 nibs. The 5 outstanding nibs have a different tip width each – ideal for calligraphy.
The set includes a wax seal stamp for stamping melted sealing wax, which is a classical method of authentication used since the Middle Ages. Any document or package sealed this way can only be opened with a breach of the seal which clearly indicates that the document was read or the package was opened. Since the very old days, a seal stamp has been bearing the graphics identifying its owner. We can engrave your own graphics on the stamp, such as a logo, a coat of arms, a text or just the initials of the person receiving the gift set. The design data must be provided in vector graphics (lines) in the following formats: *.AI, PDF, EPS, CDR. The size must comply accurately with the size of the stamp – a 30mm round shape (a stamp may also be manufactured in a diameter of 25 mm). The individual lines should be at least 0.3 mm thick, any thinner lines will not be clearly visible on the final seal. If you don’t have a good command of any graphic software, we can prepare the graphic data for you according to your requirements (for an extra fee). The stamp is made entirely of metal with the stamping block in brass. The set also includes one golden sealing wax with a wick inside. For more wax colours, please consult our stock.
The gift box is made of black cardboard with a leather pattern and inner padding. Appropriate as a gift.

  • Nib width: 0.8, 1.2, 1.4, 1.8, 2.3, 3.4 mm

The price is for the entire set including the seal stamp with your logo.

Weight 0.74 kg

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