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Banker's sealing wax 1 stick 52 g

Banker’s sealing wax – reddish brown

It is a very hard yet fragile sealing wax suitable to brand and seal important documents and envelopes. The final wax seal prevents in a secure way any unauthorized penetration or opening of envelopes, documents and files.
The wax may also be used as original decoration for wish cards, announcements and gifts. This type of wax is very hard yet it breaks and crumbles easily in case of any attempted removal; a reddish stain is left where the seal was applied so any attempt to remove the wax seal and re-apply it back would go unnoticed – the wax is not only decorative but mainly a security element. 

The wax can be used with any sealing stamp that we offer. ... More
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Product description

We offer two kinds of wax – mail and banker’s wax; both are of similar qualities and consistency but the banker’s wax is of better quality, it is more fragile and holds better on very smooth or wax-coated paper. Banker’s wax is fragile and may get damaged if handled roughly, hence it is not recommended to mark and seal letters and packages that are to be shipped by mail. Higher resistance waxes are more suitable for these purposes – you can find them in our e-shop.

The wax can be melted directly above a candle flame or over a gas burner; the hot wax is applied on paper and then stamped with a seal stamp to produce the requested motive. The wax seal cools down in approx. 30 to 60 seconds depending on the quantity of wax and ambient temperature.

Hint: You can use the sealing wax to decorate all kinds of ribbons and paper, apply beads and pebbles or just squeeze them in to produce a tiny decoration.
Sealing waxes may be stuck to glass too so you can use them to decorate glass bottles or drinking glasses for you wedding.

The price is set for 1 wax stick (195 x 20 x 13 mm/52 g); one stick is sufficient to produce approx. 30 wax seals.
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