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H374 Certification A5 size paper landscape for printing with security features and numbering

Preprinted certification A5 size paper to print the guilloche design with molded uniquely numbered hologram for quick and professional creation of maximally secure diplomas, certificates of authenticity, a certificate of quality products and training certifications. Printing quality guilloche patterns on paper is not a standard laser printer reached. This is an offset printing accompanied by holographic hot stamp excavation.

Hologram certification paper is numbered, so each paper The certificate is unique, that never for anyone you can not produce. ... More

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Product description

This means that it can be printed on any sensitive document and simply note the number of hologram and name of the person to which the certificate was issued. This simply will prevent plagiarism. Hologram is the certification of paper-molded using hot stamping, so it is part of the paper (no sticker). From the surface does not act and can not be removed without damaging total paper and hologram.

The actual hologram is a master diameter of 22mm and contains many visits of and transitions, which portrays depending on the angle of incident light. When designing the emphasis was on its plasticity. The hologram is dominated by three circumferential rings with guilloche patterns and inscriptions CERTIFICATE and security. The center circle is then with bulge pattern with repeating original inscriptions. Part of the inner circle is laser burned numbering that reveals the paper under the hologram. Each hologram is therefore unique. We never printed the same series and stands for it.

Certification paper is covered with an elegant wavy guilloche border of alternating shades of blue. Against the background trimmed with delicate surfaces are intersecting ripple which are very difficult to copy. Dominates the background is then guilochový pattern (veil), which goes beyond the edge.

This secured the print media is especially designed for direct printing laser / inkjet printer, enabling fast creation of valuable documents with high level security, which prevents the formation of perfectly duplicates.

The certificate paper is A5 (210 x 148mm) is smooth and its weight is 160 g / m2.

In our offer you will find it both portrait and landscape, so that in its proposal will not be limited. Embossed hologram is always rotated in the direction of reading.

Paper in width (210x148) - a hologram in the lower right corner.

Dimensions 210mm x 148mm (8.268″ x 5.827″)
Security level higher
Financial expenses low
Numbering Yes
Weight 160g/m2
Format A5
Weight 0.005 kg



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