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H732 Double layer square holographic residual VOID seal Original 23x23mm

Two-layer holographic square seal with rounded and repeating GENUINE ORIGINAL lettering.

The square seal measuring 23x23mm has rounded corners, its surface is silver and bears the repeating inscriptions "GENUINE ORIGINAL" due to the holographic layer a rainbow of colours occurs when the angle changes. The seal has a double protection 1) it is residual, after peeling it leaves a residue of glue on the adhered surface 2) it has a VOID function and after peeling it will be irreversibly damaged.

Thanks to its double security, the seal offers the perfect use for sealing packaged products (perfumes, electronics, collectibles), and is also suitable for sealing electronics: preventing non-professional intervention and repairs inside electronics, i.e. as a warranty seal. ... More
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Product description

The hologram offers two security functions:

- the seal, when peeled off, leaves a residue (residue) of the hologram with adhesive on the adhered area, so that it can be seen that a seal was applied to the surface and then removed. The residue can be removed quite easily from non-absorbent and smooth materials (e.g. glass, plastic) using isopropyl alcohol and other similar solvents. When adhered to absorbent materials such as typically paper/cardboard, removing the residue from the hologram adhesive is virtually impossible.

VOID - means that the sticker is irreversibly damaged when peeled off and the words "VOID" (void) will appear on the sticker after peeling off The damage to the sticker is irreversible and cannot be masked in any way.

The sticker can be applied to smooth and degreased surfaces such as plastic, metal, glass. Of course, it can also be used on standard cardboard packaging and boxes. The stickers have the same graphics, but the text on each sticker is slightly offset.
Colour Silver
Width 23mm
Height 23mm
Security (tamper evident) layer Standard destruction - peel-off destruction, VOID - VOID pattern remains on the surface upon destruction
Price 1 label
Shape Square
Financial costs low
Security level medium
For cell phone cameras NO
Glue Stronger
Weight 0.000072 kg



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