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K1 Faraday cage safe box to shield remote car keys and cell phones

A safe deposit box to store cell phones, payment or ID cards or remote controls/wireless keys. 

A stylish black box that shields any signal transmission: GSM, LTE, GPS, WIFI, GLONAS, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC protecting against personal or secure data theft. You can use the box any time when you want to protect the wireless car keys, a cell phone or bank/access/ID cards and documents. ... More
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Product description

The mobile phone stored in the box is shielded from signal reception and tracking (GPS, GLONAS, GSM, LTE, WIFI, NFC). The box may be used in offices at important meetings in order to prevent any interception of communication, tracking or interference, and you will not be disturbed by incoming calls or text messages.

The box can protect car keys with an electronic starting system such as KESSY, KEYLESS-GO, Keyless Entry, Comfort Access, Smart Key System and Start and exit System. As your keys are safely placed in the box, their code data cannot be read and copied remotely thus preventing any possible car theft. The box protects keys running at standard frequencies: 5GHz, 2,4 GHz, 915 MHz, 868 MHz, 433 MHz, 13,56 MHz, 125kHz, 134kHz. The box shields also contactless payment cards and ID cards with RFID/NFC chip against accidental reading and data theft/copying. It is not difficult at all to read the information without the owner’s knowing it and it is possible to produce duplicate cards after the data are stolen. The box shields your data against any authorized access.
  • Material: Imitation of leather
  • External dimensions: 160 x 95 x 120 mm
  • Internal dimensions: 145 x 75 x 105 mm
Colour Black
Financial costs low
Security level very high
Weight 0.42 kg



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