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H691 Golden protection case for contactless cards blocking the RFID/NFC signal

Golden secure shielding case for payment, ID and access RFID chip cards. The case is made of a special metallic foil that prevents any attempt of data transmission between the card and a payment terminal or a card reader. You can protect your card against any random data reading or attempted theft. ... More
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Product description

Hackers today are able to read your card even if you keep the card in your pocket while riding on a bus; they can also reproduce the card data in real time to a payment terminal that may be hundreds of kilometres away and use it for contactless payments within the maximum limit of CZK 500 (times the number of payments). This secure case will prevent any fund transfers or data theft.
RFID chip is used in identification card, e-wallets and key that represent further risk. It is not difficult at all to read such information without their owner’s knowledge. When data are stolen, cards may be duplicated. This case protects your data against any unauthorized access.
  • Material: PVC, aluminium foil
  • The case bears a RFID protection logo
  • Internal dimensions: 88 x 57 mm (payment card size 85.60 x 53.98 mm)
  • External dimensions: 91 x 63 mm
Colour Gold
Dimension 91mm (3.583″)
Financial costs low
Security level very high
Weight 0.0016 kg



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