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H530 Hologram WARRANTY VOID seal 20 x 10 mm

One-layer silver hologram security / warranty seal with an inscription "WARRANTY VOID IF REMOVED".  The seal protects the seller against any unqualified tampering with products and equipment under valid warranty. When applied, the seal looks like a standard label but, in case of any attempted removal, the transparent top layer gets peeled off leaving the silver layer with an English inscription "WARRANTY VOID IF REMOVED" on the product. Once removed, it is impossible to re-apply the transparent layer back onto the seal or to counterfeit or substitute the seal in any other way. The Seller or servicing staff will immediately see the attempted unqualified repair intervention or the opening of a product under warranty.
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Product description

The label is provided in silver colour with the inscription changing its colours based on the angle of view or light.
Warranty seals are best applied on all smooth and de-greased surfaces (plastic, metal, glass), they can also cover screw holes (max. 5 mm in diameter). Apply the warranty seals on a de-greased and clean surface at ambient temperature. The inscription does not fade out with age or UV light exposure.

The listed price is per 1 seal; delivered in sheets.
Colour Silver
Security base layer VOID
Financial costs very low
Shape Rectangle
Security level medium
Weight 0.000039 kg



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