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H727 Holographic circular small numbered seal

Circular double layer hologram sticker with unique six digit serial number

The serial number on the hologram seal is unique and will never be repeated on your next order and there are no two seals with the same number. The sticker bears the wording "SECURITY SEAL" and has the text "ORIGINAL" as a background in the bottom hologram layer. The circular seal has two hologram layers into which the serial number is laser burned. ... More
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Availability: in Stock 1000+ pc.
At yours: Friday 8.3.2024
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1–100 pc. 0.107 € 0.087 € without VAT
101+ pc. 0.08 € 0.065 € without VAT
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Price: 1 label
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Product description

Hologram serial number stickers are used in various fields for security, authentication and product tracking. They have several important applications:

Anti-counterfeiting: use as a security feature on products such as electronics, luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, food and more.

Authentication: Hologram stickers with serial numbers are also used to authenticate the product. Consumers, retailers and distributors can check the serial number on the sticker using an online database or other verification mechanisms to ensure that the product they are buying is genuine.

Marketing and branding: Stickers can also be used for marketing purposes. Because of their visual effect, stickers with holograms and serial numbers can attract customer attention and reinforce brand awareness. They can be used on product packaging, promotional material or as part of limited editions.

Serial number shape: XXX XXX XXX
The seal has a diameter of 10mm

The sticker is supplied on a liner, in a sheet or individually depending on the number of pieces ordered.
There are 196 stickers per sheet. ATTENTION!
Suitable for damp/exterior NO
Colour Silver
Width 10mm
Price 1 label
Security level low
Financial costs low
Shape Round
Numbering Yes
Weight 0.000013 kg



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