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P3 Large travel case with RFID protection for ID and payment cards

A useful large travel case with RFID protection for your cards, papers, documents and money. Made of upper textile layer in grey with a brown leather stripe, this case contains 18 pockets of various sizes of which two are RFID protected – given their size; these small pockets are to be used to store payment and other RFID chip cards. The RFID / NFC protection protects your cards against theft and accidental readings of your card data and wireless cash transfer. Other pockets of various sizes may be used at pleasure for other documents, papers, letters, money, keys, a mobile phone and other items. The travel case is equipped with a useful detachable strap; it is closed with a metallic zip fastener. ... More
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Product description

The case contains two shielded pockets for payment and ID cards; these pockets protect the cards against accidental and non-authorized readings of your personal data and against copying data from your payment cards.

Today’s hackers are able to read the data from your card on the public transport even though you have the card stored in a pocket. They can reproduce the card’s data in real time into a payment terminal that may be hundreds of kilometres away and use it to pay the maximum amount for contactless payments (that is 20€) times the number of payments. Thanks to our protective cover you can prevent any fund transfer or data theft.
The RFID chip is also installed in identification cards, e-wallets and keys - that is another security risk. It is not difficult at all to read such information without the owner knowing it. After the data theft it is possible to produce duplicates. The case will protect your data against any non-authorized access.

  • Material: PVC, textile, leather
  • Outside dimensions: 250 x 130 mm x 35 mm
Dimensions 250mm x 130mm (9.843″ x 5.118″)
Weight 0.24 kg



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