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Mouse emulator - Mouse jiggler USB

Mouse jiggler is a device that simulates user activity on a PC by moving the mouse cursor itself, preventing the computer from entering sleep mode or activating an automatic logout of the user due to inactivity.

The use of a mouse jiggler is useful in situations where it is necessary to keep the computer in an active state to prevent data loss or other problems associated with computer inactivity. For example, when performing large online software updates or downloading bulky files on slower connections without having to change power scheme settings in cases where user privileges do not allow it - borrowed or work PCs. ... More
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Product description

The mouse emulator connects to the computer via USB port and simulates regular mouse movement, once connected to a free USB port, just hold down the button on the device and the mouse cursor will start moving itself uncontrollably in different directions. The device has 4 modes that vary the amount of movement from slight movements within millimeters to full screen mouse movement.

The USB emulator does not require drivers to be installed and works in plug and play mode just plug it into the USB port and it is immediately ready for action. The device communicates with the computer within the HID protocol, i.e. it reports to the PC as a regular USB mouse. The device does not require its own power supply (battery) it is powered directly from the USB port. The emulator supports all commonly available operating systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS and is compatible with USB 2.0 to 3.1 standards.

Thanks to its miniature dimensions: 20x6,5x16mm (when inserted into the USB it protrudes only 6,5x6,5x15mm) the emulator can be constantly inserted into the USB port of a PC / laptop.

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