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H510 Non-adhesive hologram tape 45 mm / 80m to scare away birds in orchards and vineyards

A special silver holographic (reflective) tape to scare away birds. The tape creates an aerial image with diffraction effect and produces a sound as it moves in the wind; this combination of image and sound is very efficient when scaring away birds preventing them from approaching and sitting around orchards, vineyards, gardens, window sills, windows and balconies. ... More
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Product description

The special reflective tape looks like predator’s eyes to the birds; it also generates sounds in constantly changing frequencies as it moves with the wind. A combination that plays both on the eyesight and hearing of the birds is very efficient; the tape holds its shape and does not fade out when exposed to the sun. It is very easy to install, all you have to do is cut it to the required length and knot or fasten it to trees, bushes, gutters, window frames, balconies etc. The tape can also be used as decoration when packing gifts or making party decorations. The tape is delivered in a reel of 80 m (width of 45 mm).

Holographic diffraction barrier against birds
Affects the birds’ eyesight and hearing
Creates an effect of a bird of prey flying in the air
Does not fade out when exposed to the sun, abrasion-resistant
Efficient right after installation
Colour Silver
Financial costs very low
Weight 0.125 kg



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