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H519 Original silver security sticker, 23 x 20 mm, Shield

A master destructive sticker H519 in silver with the inscription stating "ORIGINAL 100 % original" in the shape of a Shield/Coat of Arms with holographic effect.
Multi-layer master holograms represent the most secure and attractive type of stickers; several layers create compelling colour transitions and under different light or angle, the sticker changes its colour scheme in several layers; the text, parallel lines and concentric circles change colours independently of one another. ... More
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Product description

Due to the complex manufacturing process, the multi-layer master holograms are virtually impossible to counterfeit. The bottom hologram layer is a destructive one – it means that, once the sticker is put in place and then removed, the bottom silver layer or a part of it remains on the surface of the package; the hologram sticker cannot be re-stuck once peeled off; when placing the sticker over an edge of a product packaging or an envelope with documents, you gain a security seal that guarantees an originally sealed packaging.
The sticker is used mostly as a security element; its colourful holographic effect and colour transitions lend the air of exclusivity and uniqueness to your products. Hologram seals adhere well to virtually any clean and smooth surface with good bonding strength (plastic, metal, glass, paper); at different viewing angles, a colourful inscription "ORIGINAL 100 % original" shows up and blends into a concentric circle and parallel lines circumscribed by the edges in the shape of a Shield or a Coat of Arms.

Hologram destructive stickers are suitable for all kinds of products from cosmetics to electronics; they can also be applied on documents, contracts and deeds as a mark of authenticity and originality. Stickers do not fade when exposed to sun. Stickers are destructive, once applied on a document they cannot be removed without leaving traces of glue and hologram silver layer on the document.

The price is set per 1 sticker
Supplied in sheets
Colour Silver
Financial costs very low
Security level low
Shape Other
Weight 0.000071 kg



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