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H639 Residual security sticker, white, 50 x 20 mm

Residual white sticker / security seal 5 x 2 cm with rounded corners. 

Special security residual stickers are used to protect goods, packages, envelopes and letters. The sticker placed over a box or envelope edge protects its contents against unauthorized or unwanted opening. ... More
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Product description

The security seal is made of HDPE which is highly resistant to tension and the seal cannot be torn apart easily. Once applied, it looks like a regular sticker but in case of any attempted peel or rip-off, the sticker breaks into two layers – one with a VOID inscription remains stuck on the surface, the other with an inversely revealed VOID inscription is removed. Once this sticker is applied, the packaging or document cannot be opened without damaging the sticker. It is an excellent security element that is inexpensive and easy and quick to apply. It is possible to print texts or graphic designs on the stickers using a TTR printer. The seal glue is very strong and sticks well to any standard de-greased surface (glass, plastic, paper, metal). The layer that remains on the surface of the product may be cleaned with e.g. isopropyl alcohol. If you need stickers that do not leave any residues when peeled off, you can use non-residual stickers.

If requested, it is possible to print your logo or design on the seals (single colour), stickers may be numbered too. The cost of printing is not included in the price and will be calculated separately. Minimum batch for printing is 100 stickers. 

Stickers are delivered on a 54mm-wide one-piece liner.

The price is set per 1 sticker.
Colour White
Dimension 50mm (1.969″)
Financial costs low
Security level low
For cell phone cameras NO
Void layer Yes
Custom printing Yes
Weight 0.00025 kg



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