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Rolling stamp for blackening data on packages and forms

Rolling stamp for blackening - censoring text and addresses on packages, documents or forms.

The scroll stamp has a 24mm wide ink plate with a series of vertically and horizontally crossed characters, used to blacken / censor text on packages and documents. ... More
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Product description

The roller is particularly suitable for blackening addresses on packages in dispatch and warehouses where boxes are used repeatedly and old addresses need to be blackened quickly and reliably. In addition to warehouses and dispatches, the blackening stamp is also suitable for offices for quick blackening of sensitive information on documents and forms. The roller is equipped with a short ceramic blade, which is hidden in the bottom of the stamp and can be ejected with a button whenever it is necessary to cut the tape on a package or open an envelope.

The stamp can be refilled repeatedly with ink.Any inkcanbe used, but we recommend using fast-drying inks.

Quick drying ink
Retractable ceramic nib
Stamp width 24mm

Weight 0.036 kg



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