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H700 Scratch-off sticker matt gold 25mm circle

Scratch-off sticker matt gold - 25mm circle

Scratch-off stickers are used as destructive security features to temporarily cover printed data and numerical codes, PINs or login details. Stickers can also be used in the production of raffle tickets, wedding tickets or gift vouchers.
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Product description

The wiper sticker consists of a transparent PVC self-adhesive film on which the wiper paint is applied.

The transparent PVC sticker is the carrier element of the scratch-off gold synthetic layer, which, when applied to any smooth surface, covers the pre-printed text; subsequent scratching of the gold layer reveals the text underneath the sticker. The scratch-off layer works in the same way as on commercially produced scratch-off elk. The PVC clear layer, when scraped off, protects the text underneath the sticker and therefore the stickers can also be applied to plain or recycled paper, as scraping the top layer with a hard object will not damage the surface of the paper which is protected by the clear sticker. The top layer can be easily scraped off with a fingernail or coin.
Colour Gold
Dimension 25mm (0.984″)
Price 1 label
Security level medium
Shape Round
Weight 0.00015 kg



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