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H669 Scratch sticker, matte grey, 40 mm x 10 mm – rectangular, zebra pattern

Rectangular scratch sticker, matte grey, 40 mm x 10 mm – zebra pattern 

Scratch stickers are used as destructive security elements temporarily covering any printed data, number codes, PIN codes or login data. These stickers may also be used for lottery prizes, wedding lottery cards or gift vouchers. 

In the manufacturing process, the sticker is pre-cut at several spots so it tears apart automatically whenever someone attempts to peel it off to look underneath – the visible irreversible damage clearly indicates the sticker was tampered with. 

The scratch sticker is made of a transparent PVC self-adhesive foil with a scratch-off colour layer. ... More
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Product description

The transparent PVC sticker bears the scratchable silver synthetic layer; when applied on any smooth surface, it covers all pre-printed text. The text underneath the sticker is revealed once the silver layer is scratched off. The scratchable layer works in the same way as the commercially produced scratch cards. The transparent PVC layer protects the text underneath the sticker; the stickers may be applied on standard or recycled paper protecting the paper surface from damage when using a hard tool to scratch off the silver top layer. The top layer is easily scratched off with a finger nail or a coin.

The stickers are placed in a line on a thin base tape, the price is set per 1 sticker.
Colour Grey
Financial costs very low
Price 1 label
Shape Rectangle
Security level medium
Security base layer Destructive
Weight 0.00013 kg



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