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Sealing wax fluorescent blue - beads 30 g - Type 26

Blue sealing wax beads – Fluorescent / Glow in the Dark 30 g / 96 pcs.

Beads made of special material that glows in the dark after being exposed to natural or artificial light. In daylight, wax beads are milky-coloured beads that glow blue in the dark. Glowing beads are great for seals as well as for Halloween or children party decoration, to produce or embellish decorations or glowing accessories to party masks and costumes. Coloured waxes may be combined in order to produce various colourful effects glowing in the dark. The wax sticks well to paper and textile, it does not break and it is bend and pressure resistant. ... More
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Product description

Unlike standard candle wax, the Glow in the Dark Bead Wax is very flexible, it can be bent without cracking – it is flexible enough not to get damaged when bent gently or when subject to light pressure. Sealing wax does not smear. Once hardened, the wax does not crumble and sticks well to paper or textile. When a wax seal is removed, the paper it is applied on gets always damaged.

The wax can be used for letters, invitations, wish cards, wedding announcement cards, decorations or mask embellishment. 

To apply, melt the wax beads, form a drop (size of the required seal size) and press the seal stamp 10 seconds. Then remove the stamp carefully. The wax leaves no residues on the stamp.

We offer the wax in the entire colour spectrum; all you have to do is choose the one you like. Sealing waxes may be combined in order to produce interesting colour effects, i.e. mix two colours one on top of the other and press the stamp.  

The wax can be easily melted over a flame (a candle) using a special wax melting spoon.

Package: 30 g containing ca. 96 wax beads. 

To produce one seal, you need to melt 3 to 5 wax beads in a spoon. 

Bead size:  8.6 x 5 mm +-10 %
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