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Sealing wax fusible stick, 11 mm, type 19 – dark red

A 11mm sealing wax stick that melts and can be applied with a standard glue gun.

A fusible sealing stick can be used to seal letters, envelopes, deeds, boxes or bottles or to decorate birthday or wedding invitations. Thanks to their glue gun application, the fusible sticks are best to seal a larger quantity of envelopes or goods. Glue gun using wax sticks in larger quantities makes the application much faster and easier than using sealing wax melted over a flame. 

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Product description

The melting point starts at around 83 °C therefore it is recommended to use the controlled temperature glue gun for application. Cheaper glue guns without temperature control heat the sticks up to 160°C which is too much for sealing wax; the wax at this temperature does not burn but it is too liquid and more difficult to work with. Sealing wax can be used on letters, invitation or wish cards, wedding invitations, official documents, on bottles of wine or other expensive alcohol, briefly on anything that should bear a look of luxury or formality.

The fusible wax stick is slightly flexible hence the wax applied in the form of a seal does not crack during transport or handling. Sealing wax cannot be smeared either. It does not leave greasy stains on the paper so typical for wax that could degrade documents. Once hardened, its structure is similar to that of plastic (glue gun sticks). The seal may only get damaged when intentionally removed.

One stick equals ca. 8 seals.
The wax leaves no residues on the stamp.
Stick diameter 11 mm, length 130 mm.
Melting point ca. 83 °C.

We offer sticks in all colours; all you have to do is choose which ones you want. Sticks may also be combined in order to produce an interesting colourful effect, e.g. by placing two colours one on top of the other and applying the stamp.
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