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H62 Self-adhesive labels for detection and indication of humidity 3mm

Plastic rectangular self-adhesive label reacts to soaking or moisturizing by changing of its colour to red. Drying of this wet label will not change its look and it stays as an obvious detector of intervening of a critical part with water. The whole basal part of this label is impregnated by a red colour and covered by a white uper part. When this seal gets into contact with water or excessive air humidity red colour realeases and permeates to upper white layer which it colours. We offer „water“ self-adhesive labels with red printed signs just as with the white ones, the principle and also basal predesign red layer is the same.

Parameters: diameter of 3mm

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Product description

Colour White
Financial costs very low
Security level very low
Shape Round
Dimensions 3mm x 3.5mm (0.118″ x 0.138″)
Weight 0.000007 kg



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