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H512 Transparent flexible fabric glue for security labels 50 ml

Fabric glue for labels in a 50ml bottle

Special water-resistant glue to stick two pieces of fabric/textile together or to use when sticking hologram labels or hot-stamp foils to fabric. The glue is used when labels and foils need to be stuck to a fabric base; as hologram and VOID labels have poor adhesion to fabric surfaces the fabric glue helps them stick better and not to get removed without destructing or revealing the VOID layer; ideal to glue firmly large labels to snapback peaks. The same applies to hot-stamp foils that do not stick well to fabric; when using the glue, the hot-stamp foil sticks well to any fabric and is virtually impossible to remove. ... More
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Product description

The glue can also be used to glue or fix any common types of fabric or to make any products with beads, sequins or other plastic or textile decorations. The glue is white when liquid but becomes transparent when dry. In a thin layer, it is almost invisible; once dry, the glue is flexible and stable in tension. 24 hours after application, the glued joint can be washed in a washing machine at 40 °C maximum.

Application instructions: All glued surfaces must be dry and clean, the glue is applied on both surfaces to be glued together. Once applied, leave for a few seconds to settle and then push both surfaces firmly one against the other. The glue dries up completely in approx. 45 minutes at room temperature. Any residues of the glue may be removed with benzine.

Package: 50ml bottle
Volume 50ml
Colour Transparent
Weight 0.006 kg



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