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H623 Transparent self-adhesive round stickers – box seals 15 mm

Non-destructive 15 mm round transparent stickers that can be removed without any damage and without leaving any residues of glue on the surface it was stuck to. 
The sticker is designed more as a label or a precaution than as a security element. The stickers are non-residual – it means that, once applied and peeled off, the sticker leaves no residue of glue on the surface; the stickers may be printed with a text or a graphic design and used as caution/reminder notes on documents, papers, envelopes or packaging. ... More
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Variant :
Availability: in Stock 10000+ pcs
At yours: Tuesday 31.5.2022 (when ordering by 14:00)
Price overview :
1–100 pcs 0.039 € 0.032 € without VAT
101–1000 pcs 0.027 € 0.022 € without VAT
1001+ pcs 0.014 € 0.011 € without VAT
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€ without VAT
Price: 1 label

Product description

These stickers may be delivered with your graphics, text or logo in a single colour or multi-colour TTR print (colours must not overlap, minimum print batch of 100 stickers) or in full-colour print (at least 5,000 stickers). Printing costs are not included in the sticker price and will be calculated separately depending on quantity, number of colours and complexity of the print design. The stickers may also be delivered in different sizes with a minimum batch quantity of 10,000; please contact our sales team to discuss prices and delivery dates for any custom-print orders or any different sticker sizes. 

The price is set per 1 sticker; stickers are delivered on a 90mm liner (roll) with pre-cut openings for the printer.
Colour Transparent
Security level medium
Financial costs low
Shape Round
Price 1 label
Custom printing Yes
Weight 0.000067 kg



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