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H716 Universal width guilloche paper with embossed numbered hologram and paired hologram

Universal guilloche paper with landscape orientation and embossed numbered hologram and paired hologram on 150 gsm plain bleached paper. This secure printing medium is designed especially for direct printing with a laser printer and thus enables the rapid production of diplomas, certificates of authenticity, certificates of product quality or training certificates, etc. The numbering of the hologram, which is also completely inseparable from the document, represents the ultimate degree of protection.

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Product description

Thepaper is embossed with a unique numbered five-digit hologram, and each certification paper with a hologram is paired with one hologram sticker with the same number as on the paper. This means that a second smaller sticker with the same number as on the certificate is included separately with each hologram sheet, which can be stuck anywhere as required. the hologram on the guilloche paper has a diameter of 29mm, the hologram sticker has a diameter of 18mm. The marking of the hologram on the paper says certificate + numbering AXXXXX, the marking of the hologram sticker BXXXXX, the numbers are identical on both holograms - paired.

The printing quality of the guilloche patterns on paper is not achievable with a classic laser printer - they are printed offset. Visually, the sheet is dominated by a circular hologram with a diameter of 30 mm hotstamped into the paper. The two-layered hologram bears a guilloche emblem identical to the central motif of the sheet in one layer, and the second hologram layer contains five concentric lines of text with the words 'CERTIFICATE-certificate' repeated. The five-digit numbering and the prefix numbering of the number series is done by demetalisation. The central area of the paper within the decorative border is filled with an interlaced repeating guilloche pattern in two colours.
The need for different orientations of the printing medium, i.e. portrait or landscape, is evident in the production of different types of sheets. However, rotating the paper also changes the originally designed position of the hologram and, in particular, the numbering rotated by 90° represents an aesthetic and practical flaw. We therefore offer two variants of this product so that the positioning of the hologram on the sheet is the least restrictive for the graphic design of the document.
Dimensions 210mm x 297mm (8.268″ x 11.693″)
Weight per square meter 150g/m2
Financial costs low
Security level high
Format A4
Numbering Yes
Weight 0.009 kg



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