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Destructive vinyl label – red, no print, 13 mm

Destructive vinyl security 13mm round label – a red seal with an option of thermal printing (your own or provided by us) in any colour you pick. The strong glue makes sure that the seal adheres well and would get destructed whenever even slightly tampered with; the same applies to the vinyl material which is flexible and wouldn’t break when bent (except of over sharp edges) but won’t stand any tension or shear – it snaps easier than thin paper making any attempt to peel the seal off or to move it impossible. ... More
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Availability: in Stock 1000+ pc.
At yours: Thursday 1.12.2022
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101–1000 pc. 0.018 € 0.015 € without VAT
1001+ pc. 0.014 € 0.011 € without VAT
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Price: 1 label
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Product description

Vinyl labels can be used to secure caps and lids of cosmetic product bottles and tubes, alcohol bottles, tins, spray cans and medicine containers in hotels, guesthouses or shops as well as to secure packagings, blister packs, documents and letters. With the seal placed on the product, you can see quickly the current status of the packaging; an intact seal indicates it has not been opened and used. Both the customer and the seller can see easily the product that has not been unpacked and used (perfumes, creams, drugs, cans). You can also use the label to seal any documents and envelopes or place it over the edge of a product box/packaging.

The price is set per 1 label; labels are delivered in sheets.

Labels can be also produced in different shapes and sizes for a minimum delivery batch of 10,000 pcs; please, contact our sales team to get more detailed information about price and delivery dates.
Colour Red
Dimension 13mm (0.512″)
Price 1 label
Financial costs low
Shape Round
Security level medium
Security base layer Destructive
Weight 0.000065 kg



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