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Hand wax stamp (seal) – Mandala

A 25mm decorative wax stamp with a Mandala sign to produce an original wax seal for letters, diplomas, cards and gifts.

The stamping block is made of brass and it is screwed, not glued, to a solid wooden grip. The stamp is used to stamp melted seal wax which is a classical method of authentication used since the Middle Ages. Any document or package sealed this way can only be opened with a breach of the seal which clearly indicates that the document was read or the package was opened. ... More
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Product description

The 25mm brass stamp is screwed to a 74mm-long wooden grip; the high-quality brass used ensures no wax residues or dirt remains on the stamp after it is used, its service life is virtually unlimited and it can be used with all types of standard seal waxes.

Seal wax is not a common greasy wax; it is made of fusible plastic. We offer seal waxes in all colours.
Dimension 25mm (0.984″)
Financial costs very low
Weight 0.048 kg



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