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H105 Hot Stamp Foil - V31 White

White hot stamp foil  - metallic, a winding body of 120 m, width of 32 cm.

Hot Stamping is a printing/stamping process during which a metallic foil (holographic, shiny, coloured) is transferred at a high temperature to a selected surface of various base materials, such as paper, artificial leather, plastic, metals or fabric. The stamped-in foil does not protrude from the base material and becomes its integral part. You can see hot stamped products every day – almost all luxury product boxes decorated with silver or golden inscriptions are hot stamped with golden or silver foil.
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Product description

You can see hot stamped products as holograms on public transport tickets or payment cards – these products use hologram hot stamp foils. It is also very often applied on book and thesis covers.
We are offering a large selection of hot stamp foils suitable for various applications – from classical metallic foils in various colours, through tinted and matt, pigment and pearlescent up to holographic hot stamp foils with various motifs.
Hot stamp foils may be supplied in various widths, colours or with your own hologram. For more information, please contact our sales team at +420 603 357 606.
The foil can be used in manual and automatic hot stamping machines.
  • Inner diameter of the tube: 25 mm
  • Foil length: 120 m
  • Width: 32 cm
Colour White
Security level low
Weight 0.8 kg



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