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R9 Stamping plate with resettable numbers - 11 numbers, 70 mm

A brass plate with 10 numeral characters (0 to 9) and one mark of suspension that can be set at will according to the actual need; used for hot stamping. ... More
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Product description

Using this stamping plate, you can stamp numbers into wood, leather, cardboard or plastic. The sort’s dimensions are 70 x 15.8 x 12 mm; the characters are 9.6 mm tall and 4.75 to - 6.75 mm wide (width varies by the numeral). The brass plate has an M5 thread bar in the centre (diameter of ca. 4.85 mm) that holds the plate in the soldering iron or hot stamping press. Given the size of the stamping plate, the soldering iron must be powerful enough in order to heat the entire length of the plate. This product is recommended to be used in combination with the R5 handheld soldering iron or the R8 hot stamping press that we offer.

Character height: 9.6 mm
Character width: 4.75 mm - 6.75 mm
Sort size: 70 x 15.8 x 12mm
Number of characters: 11 pcs (1234567890 and a hyphen)

Contact our sales team to order more characters.
Dimensions (w-h-d): 70-15.8-12mm
Material Brass
Weight 0.143 kg



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