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H693 Blue no residue VOID rectangular seal with a clear silver hologram, 50 x 20 mm

A blue no residue VOID rectangular seal with a clear silver hologram strip (50 x 20 mm) and secure VOID layer allowing the seal to be removed from the base material it was stuck to without leaving any residues. This sticker is used mostly to cover the points of access to a secured item. Typically, it can be placed on a box and has to be removed in order to open the box. Once removed, "VOID" and "OPEN" inscriptions are shown on the sticker making the opening of the packaging clearly visible. The boxes or envelopes secured with a no residue seal cannot be opened without visibly damaging the sticker.
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Product description

The special manufacturing process of the VOID layer ensures there are no residues left once the sticker is peeled off; it also guarantees a high level of adhesion even to problematic and not entirely smooth surfaces. Unlike other VOID stickers, the sticker does not rip off to a part that would remain stuck to the base and a top foil layer with a graphic motive. Despite its very high adhesion to all kinds of materials, the sticker does not leave any residues of glue when peeled off.  In terms of adhesion, the glue texture is similar to that of rubber as you can see on illustrative pictures of a peeled-off sticker. This allows their application on difficult surfaces where hologram stickers would be peeled off easily and the VOID layers would not be displayed.
The stickers may be thermoprinted with any texts, numbering or logos according to your specifications (the price is set without any printing).

The printing price is calculated upon enquiry.
  • Shape: rectangular
  • Size: 50 x 20 mm
  • Colour: blue with a silver strip
Colour Blue
Price 1 label
Security base layer VOID
Shape Rectangle
Financial costs low
Security level medium
For cell phone cameras NO
Weight 0.000278 kg



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