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H731 Non-residual white - translucent round VOID sticker with high adhesion 20mm

Circular VOID sticker with non-residual layer 20mm - white, milky.

The sticker is designed for re-sticking areas used to access a secured object. Typically this is for example a sticker over a box that needs to be removed to unpack that box. When peeled off, the OPEN VOID text is revealed on the sticker and the opening of the packaging is clearly recognizable.

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Product description

A sticker marked "non-residual" leaves no adhesive residue on the surface from which it was peeled. Peeling it off only damages the sticker itself and exposes the OPEN VOID lettering on the sticker. Once peeled off, the sticker can never be glued back on again so that it cannot be recognised. This allows the stickers to be used as a seal on goods and products. The sticker adheres very well to any smooth surface.

When sticking the sticker, always make sure that it is glued to the surface with its entire surface area and at the same time not too tight, especially when re-sticking corners and edges of boxes.

The surface for sticker application must be dry and degreased.

The sticker is white, after sticking it is partly transparent, see photo in the gallery.

Colour White
Dimension 20mm (0.787″)
Price 1 piece
Security base layer VOID
Financial costs very low
Security level low
Shape Round
For cell phone cameras NO
Void layer Yes
Weight 0.00005 kg



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